Webinar: Stay Right of (Cyber) Boom

When a cyberattacker tricks a user into clicking on a malicious link, the lionshare of the blame for the resulting data breach usually falls on that user’s shoulders. But that’s unfair. The reality is that no matter how well prepared your users are, one will inevitably make a mistake. That’s why Nyotron has invited me to lead a webinar that will examine how you can mitigate this risk by emulating military strategists who focus on “Right of Boom”.

Webinar: “Right of Cyber Boom”

  • Thursday, March 26th | Noon PDT/3 PM EDT)
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Source: Labor Relations Institute

Military planners and counterterrorism experts understand there are three phases to an attack: before it happens (Left of Boom), the moment it hits (Boom), and dealing with the aftermath (Right of Boom). Their goal is to always stay Left of Boom, but they understand that’s not realistic. The same applies to cybersecurity. 

The delivery phase of the malware is Left of Boom. The traditional security system comprises two main components: deploying antivirus and other security solutions and educating users on security best practices. However, blacklisting and prediction based anti-malware solutions have high failure rates that reach up to 75% in some cases. That places a heavy burden on users’ shoulders.

You must understand that your security technologies will fail to stop malware from reaching your users, and consequently, they will also likely fail to remember their security training. There will be a Boom. But that doesn’t mean a data breach is also inevitable.

During this webinar, I will explain how to implement an effective Right of Boom strategy in order to stop malware from executing even after a user activates it, and mitigate potential loss.

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If you have any questions you would like me to address, please don’t hesitate to send them to me and my Nyotron colleagues via Twitter direct message: @irawinkler and @Nyotron.

Ira Winkler is one of the world’s most influential security professionals and a repeat speaker at the RSA Conference. Among his many accolades is his designation as “The Awareness Crusader” in CSO magazine’s annual CSO COMPASS Awards.