WannaCry Cyberattack Impacts Organizations Worldwide

By Donna St. John, Vice President of Marketing

Nyotron confirms PARANOID Endpoint Protection solution stops this cyberattack from inflicting any damage

The WannaCry cyberattack is one of the largest on record, where organizations in more than 99 countries have been infected with a ransomware variant that is spreading via the EternalBlue exploit that was patched (MS17-010) in March of this year.

The widespread proliferation of the current ransomware attack highlights the need for Nyotron’s Threat-Agnostic Defense™ Platform, which stops the damage that cyberattacks are attempting, regardless of the type of threat or the method of attack. Nyotron believes that their approach to turn the security paradigm upside down is the future of cyber security.

All other security technologies are like gates.  Once the threat bypasses a gate, the attack is able to inflict its damage, which is game over for the organization.  PARANOID’s approach assumes that a threat will be able to past the gating technology, whether it be artificial intelligence, machine learning, container, or behavior analysis, so it protects critical data by simply stopping deletion of files, malicious encryption, and data exfiltration by non-legitimate processes.

This approach to security should be of particular interest to high-profile organizations who are or will be targets of cyberattacks, critical organizations that are unable to upgrade to the latest operating systems for stability purposes or organizations who are challenged by  keeping up with the security hygiene that keeps threats out of their network.  Nyotron’s PARANOID stops the damage that threats try to cause at the kernel level. In the case of ransomware, PARANOID would have stopped the encryption of files by recognizing that the action was not done legitimately.

Security analysts at Nyotron confirmed that no PARANOID customers have been impacted by this ransomware.