Lightweight Server Protection

Lightweight Server Protection

Your servers are your most valuable IT assets. When an ERP, CRM system or source code repository isn’t available because a server is down, business grinds to a halt. If an e-commerce web server goes down, your customers go somewhere else and monetary losses can reach into the millions.

Nyotron’s PARANOID provides unique protection from the most advanced attacks using OS-Centric Positive security. While at the same time being non-disruptive to critical services provided by your production servers - no resource-draining disk scanning or AV definition updates; no headaches from managing application whitelists.

Powerful, Yet Simple Protection

  • No artificial intelligence, machine learning or deep learning
  • No sandboxing, micro-virtualization or application isolation
  • No whitelisting or application control
  • No indicators of compromise (IOCs), indicators of attack (IOAs) or antivirus signatures
  • No baselining or user behavior analytics
  • No disk scanning
  • No cloud connectivity required