Augment Windows Defender AV

Augment Windows Defender AV

Are you migrating to Windows 10 and re-evaluating your endpoint security toolset? Tired of compatibility and performance issues introduced by third party AV products? Want to strengthen your endpoint security posture? We have you covered with the following two steps:


Enable built-in, free and pre-installed Windows 10 Defender AV product
(Negative Security model based solution)


Repurpose your 3rd party AV budget for Nyotron’s PARANOID
(seamlessly complements Defender AV and leverages Positive Security approach).


Rock solid protection unachievable with any other combination of AV, NGAV, EDR or other endpoint security tools.

Combining Windows Defender AV with Nyotron’s PARANOID addresses the following challenges:

Solves the “Fox guarding the henhouse” issue

Improves Defender AV efficacy (76% accuracy as reported by SE Labs)

Lower TCO and complexity

Lower performance impact (PARANOID doesn’t scan disk or update AV definitions)