US Election Breach

By Nyotron Security Research Team

It is no secret that Russia breached the Electoral Systems in order to manipulate the votes for the US presidency back in 2016, but it appears to be a lot wider spread than previously thought. A total of 39 states appears to be the victims of this attack with the state of Illinois being “Patient Zero” (the first state that was attacked).

The Kremlin still denies relation of these events, which included a massive spear phishing, a targeted phishing attack as opposed to normal phishing attack which is sent to unknown recipients. There are speculations regarding the breach initiator as the source of the attack points to Russia but it could also been initiated by private groups and not necessarily government related.

While changing the votes might seem to be the only obvious thing to perform once a hacker is in the system, there are other ways to manipulate system such as deleting the voter’s registration information or even slow down the vote tallying for weakening the election’s confidence.

When changing the old voting system to an electronic voting system, the security issues are inevitably coming with it, therefore it may not be the last time that such events occur, and no system is bulletproof, no matter how much security you attach to it.

Source: Bloomberg