Nyotron offers e-training and onsite education options to help its customers improve their security level using PARANOID solution portfolio. Nyotron currently offers these courses and certifications:

PARANOID Certified Analyst (PCA) Certification:

The course is designed for SOC analysts who are responsible for monitoring and analyzing security events in their organization, as well as designing actionable events and responding to crisis. This online course will train the security administrator and SOC analysts the advanced practice of understanding and investigating events and incidents of the PARANOID solution as well as implement policy measures for day-to-day operations and crisis mode.

By completing the course, you will be able to deeply understand, investigate and mitigate security events throughout your organization.

Main Topics:
  • Enriching SOC with actionable intelligence
  • PARANOID Event forensics
  • Policy enforcement and countermeasures
  • Reporting / Trends analysis
  • Ecosystem with SIEM and other management systems


PARANOID System Administrator (PSA) Certification:

The course is designed for PARANOID system administrators who are responsible for setting the management servers and deploy agents, deploying, configuring and building security policies, responding, and handling troubleshooting. This online course includes the technical aspects of the PARANOID monitoring environment (PME) and the PARANOID agent.

The course will enable you:

  • To get fully acquainted with PARANOID Manager and agent capabilities
  • To manage multiple PARANOID environments
Main topics:
  • PME installation and agent deployment
  • Management Server operations
  • Policy Management
  • War Room management
  • Insight collection: basic review of security events
  • Field best-practices
  • Troubleshooting