Nyotron War Room

Nyotron War Room: Unlimited Visibility and Control of Your Endpoint Security

Arm your security team with the knowledge they need to keep your business from being compromised. Whether in DETECT or PREVENT mode, managed by us or you, the Nyotron War Room provides you in-depth details about an attack as it happens: where the attack is happening, if it is spreading to other endpoints, what the nature of the threat is, how it got in, and how it spread.


Nyotron War Room Provides a 3D Representation of Your Endpoints


Sophisticated Monitoring, Alerting and Activity Management

View your endpoints according to your desired classifications – by network grouping, application, geo-location, etc. – using Nyotron War Room’s highly configurable enhanced 3D management console. Nyotron War Room provides you the forensics and details behind the attack. Full network and attack visualization allows you to view, analyze and respond to threats in real-time.


Leverage Nyotron War Room Capability to Analyze Attack Stories



Nyotron War Room – Expand Your Threat Intelligence
and Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Security Staff