PARANOID: Protects Your Endpoints and
Your Data from Attacks Others Miss

Imagine the comfort of knowing that you can finally protect your sensitive data and keep breaches from disrupting business operations, damaging your brand and resulting in financial loss. This is the power of PARANOID – the industry’s only OS-Centric Positive Security solution that protects endpoints regardless of the attack vector, type of attack or how, where, or when the attack penetrated an organization.

A Radically Different Approach to Endpoint Security

Winning the war on malware requires layered protection for endpoints. PARANOID acts as a last line of defense to shield you from threats that antivirus and next-generation antivirus solutions tend to miss… completely new, unknown and fileless malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats. This OS-Centric Positive Security solution leverages a map of operating system behavior called Behavior Pattern Mapping to identify actions that can cause system damage or lead to data theft.

OS-Centric Positive Security

Threat-Agnostic Protection
Regardless of the type of threat or how it gains access

Real-Time Protection from Damage
Deletion, encryption, exfiltration, sabotage and more

No Rip and Replace
PARANOID works with the antivirus or next-generation antivirus solutions that you already have

Powerful, Yet Simple Protection

  • No artificial intelligence, machine learning or deep learning
  • No sandboxing, micro-virtualization or application isolation
  • No whitelisting or application control
  • No OS hardening or lockdown
  • No indicators of compromise (IOCs), indicators of attack (IOAs) or antivirus signatures
  • No baselining or user behavior analytics
  • No disk scanning
  • No cloud connectivity required

Managed Defense Services

  • VISIBILITY: For alerts, monitoring, and activity management
  • INTELLIGENCE: Research, forensics and reports
  • INCIDENT RESPONSE: Crisis management and incident response

Available On-Premise or As a Service

  • Your team manages
  • Nyotron Managed Defense Services team manages
  • Partner managed

PARANOID – OS-Centric Positive Security Boosts Your Endpoint Protection