Nyotron Managed Defense Services

The Technology, Resources and Intelligence You Need to Secure Your Assets

Fortifying your security defense has never been easier. Combining our patented threat-agnostic endpoint protection platform, highly-credentialed security analysts and Global War Room centers, Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services provide you the 24/7 security defense and intelligence necessary to protect your data, infrastructure and assets from new and evolving threats and methods of attack – providing you ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Outsmart Attacks with Real-Time Global Exchange of Threat Data and World Class Security Analysts

Leveraging actual threat data from around the world, our highly-credentialed security experts operate as an extension to your team to protect you from today’s most sophisticated threats. Benefit from information and insights gathered by our team of security analysts, global customers, partners and industry experts. Proactive identification of Indicators of Compromise, personalized access to world class information security advisors, advanced reporting and orchestrated incidence response keep your assets secure.

Request Intelligence Review

Join us for an look inside a nation-state sponsored supply-chain hack detected and prevented by Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services. This Intelligence Review tells the real-life story of a devastating cyberattack discovered and prevented by Nyotron.

“Nyotron adds significant capabilities in terms of identifying and preventing
new, unknown threats and works well with the multiple defense systems
that El Al Airlines has in place.”

Ofer Tsabary, Chief Information Officer
El Al Airlines

Three Managed Defense Security Services To Address Your Security Needs


This is the basis for all of Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services. Our elite cyber security experts are your eyes, hands and ears to review suspicious activity to ensure the most secure posture for your critical endpoints. All security alerts are monitored and managed based upon best practices and your pre-defined security policies. This service comes at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own in-house cyber security team.


We do not believe that organizations can achieve security with an autonomous approach. Our customers will benefit from our team of Global War Room cyber security analysts and experts that monitor the systems of many worldwide customers. Our customers will benefit from each other’s security intelligence. If an attack is found at one customer, a security policy will be pushed out to all customers to proactively protect you. The team will also deliver analysis and research on all of your suspicious activity.

Incident Response

Are you prepared to recognize and address a major security attack to your organization? Do you have the resources and the cyber security expertise to detect the attack, prevent it from affecting the rest of your network, respond to the damage attempted and analyze what happened so you can ensure it won’t happen again? Our global MDS Incident Response Team is always at the ready to help you deal with the most sophisticated attacks.

Nyotron Threat-Agnostic Defense Platform

Three ways to get Threat-Agnostic Defense™ – You Manage, Nyotron Managed or Partner Managed

When dealing with the unknown telling the story is as important as the ability to defend.
Nyotron War Room™ is our crisis management, forensics and visibility solution.
Nyotron Managed Defenses Services combine technology with human expertise.