Secure Sensitive Information and Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare records, including protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII), are worth a lot of money to cyber criminals. The Ponemon Institute reports 90% of all healthcare organizations have been breached in the past two years. The risks of a data breach are high, yet the technology infrastructure supporting the healthcare sector tends to be older legacy systems that are less secure than modern technologies.

Nyotron’s PARANOID will stop data breaches – regardless of the type of threat or the attack vector the bad actor uses.

“Any organization handling PHI and PII should consider Nyotron’s last line of defense approach to avoid data breaches and business interruption caused by ransomware and evasive malware.”

– Lou Caron, President and CEO, PIASC

Read the PIASC-Nyotron case study to learn how PIASC has been able to streamline its endpoint security footprint, significantly improving endpoint device boot times and systems performance, improving employee productivity, eliminating the need to maintain on-premises infrastructure and alleviating the strain on IT staff.

To learn more about how PARANOID enables healthcare organizations to secure PHI and PII and demonstrate HIPAA compliance, read our healthcare industry solution brief.

Public Sector/Municipalities

High Profile Agencies Need Threat-Agnostic Defense Against Nation State Attacks

Government agencies are among cybercriminals’ most coveted targets. Nation states and organized criminals encourage or employ hackers to attack agencies with the most sophisticated threats.

The Nyotron Endpoint Protection Platform prevents damage to assets and protects personal, government and critical classified information.

We have experienced great success with PARANOID as a Service monitoring our network, and Nyotron’s global War Room provides comprehensive detection and remediation handling. Acknowledging the fact that our traditional security solutions, such as antivirus and firewall systems, cannot protect against zero-day attacks and APTs, it is a fact that our security posture went up by having PARANOID on board.

– CISO, US Urban Law Enforcement Agency

PARANOID ensures that we stay one step ahead of any attackers who try to deploy threats on our assets. Not only does PARANOID mitigate these threats, it does so without creating any interruptions to our users as the go about their daily work.

– CIO, Government Agency


Placing the Cybersecurity Odds in the Gaming Industry’s Favor

The gaming industry is awash with PII and PCI data of their clients and employees prime targets for cyber thieves. Casinos deploy the most advanced security systems and trained personnel to protect the millions of dollars in their vaults.

Nyotron’s PARANOID brings that same level of security to the enormous volumes of invaluable information these organizations store in their virtual vaults.

Click here to read our Gaming Industry Solution Brief to learn how casinos and other gaming industry companies can use PARANOID to prevent damage to their IT infrastructure and thwart data thieves.

Financial Services

Stop Data Breaches Before Damage Happens

Banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, credit card companies and other financial services industries must secure extremely sensitive data to protect their customers and comply with strict government regulations.

Nyotron provides the expert level of security required to stop data corruption, malicious encryption and data exfiltration.

The PARANOID threat-agnostic technology proved to deliver the highest detection and prevention rate against malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks. We found it extraordinarily compelling that the PARANOID security paradigm is ready, out-of-the box, even against tomorrow’s emerging threats.

– CISO, Major European Bank

As part of the PARANOID project, we invited two leading pentesting firms to challenge PARANOID protected endpoints. After conducting 45 attacks in 3 weeks, pentesting firms were impressed by PARANOID’s defense capabilities, leading to prevention before reaching the damage stage.

– CISO, Finance Institution


Complete Protection Against Targeted Attacks

Nation states don’t only try to penetrate the defenses of fixed targets like power plants and other critical infrastructure facilities. They also spy on moving targets such as trains, trucks, ships and airplanes. Meanwhile, attackers can make money by targeting airlines’ systems by launching sophisticated APTs or ransomware attacks that disrupt national and international travel.

 Nyotron delivers Threat-Agnostic Defense™ to protect these critical infrastructure companies from both known and unknown threats – regardless of the type or attack vector.

Our airline industry solution brief examines why all airlines are so vulnerable to attacks, and how PARANOID can help.

As a national airliner with a worldwide presence, we are considered a high-profile target. We already utilized dozens of security products, and we will continue to make sure that our online business and internal services provide 100% uptime. For the past 6 months, we were testing various cyber solutions, mostly the ones that claimed to provide a new approach, or the ability to deal with advanced cyber threats. We found “Nyotron” to have the right security approach in place, especially for its capability to deal with threats that were not detected by our existing means.

– IT Manager, European National Airline Carrier

We have found that PARANOID works very well with the multiple defense systems that El Al has in place, and adds significant capabilities in terms of identifying and preventing new, unknown threats.

– Ofer Tsabary, El Al Airlines Chief Information Officer

To learn how El Al Airlines has implemented Nyotron’s PARANOID to prevent malware attempts to exfiltrate, corrupt, encrypt or delete data, corrupt system settings, move laterally or communicate with command and control servers, read our case study available here.