Nyotron Webinar Replay: Osterman Research’s Advice for Healthcare IT Security Pros

The introduction to Osterman Research’s new report on cybersecurity threats to the healthcare industry strikes an ominous tone: “Hospitals account for one-third of data breaches in the United States… without significant improvements in cybersecurity readiness, healthcare providers will continue to suffer at the hands of cybercriminals.”

Fortunately, the report also lays out the game plan for how to make those improvements. 

Osterman’s President, Michael Osterman, provided all the details in our March 5th webinar, “Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions in Healthcare” and the recording is now available to stream here

Looking Inward to Mitigate Data Breaches

One of the key points Michael addressed is that organizations must focus on both external and internal threats. The latter falls under two main categories: the innocent employee who makes a careless mistake, and the employee who takes deliberate actions to steal PHI and other sensitive data, usually for financial gain.  

According to the Osterman report, email is the primary threat vector in the healthcare space. As of January 2020, email accounted for roughly 40 percent of all the healthcare industry data breaches the US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights is investigating. Of those cases, 12 percent were the result of “Unauthorized Access/Disclosure”.

Reduce the threat, mitigate the damage

Osterman also explained how healthcare providers can harden their security postures by implementing what he refers to as “the necessary triad of people, process and technology”.  

To learn more, follow this link to listen to the webinar recording. We’ve also made the full Osterman report available on our website here.  

Upcoming Webinar: “Right of (Cyber) Boom”

Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, March 26th at noon Pacific. World-renowned security expert Ira Winkler will examine why you should prepare for attacks by emulating counterterrorism experts who focus on “Right of Boom”. Follow this link to register to attend and we’ll send you a placeholder for your calendar.