Nyotron Partner Program Overview

“Nyotron is committed to supporting our growing world wide network of  Value Added Resellers, System Integrators, and Distributors.”

Who are our partners? 

Nyotron’s partners have earned a trusted advisor status with their clients by delivering the highest level of security, assuring business continuity, while delivering a total cost of ownership that meets their customer’s budgetary requirements.


How is Nyotron and our partners delivering unparalleled security? 

Nyotron’s Paranoid has turned the security paradigm upside down by focusing on the damage stage by preventing the intended outcome of the attack. For over 30 years endpoint security has focused on hunting for the bad actors. It is evident today, simply google ransomware in the news, that both targeted and unknown threats will bypass these negative security controls. Our engine has mapped legitimate operating system behavior, so when an attack attempts to delete, exfiltrate or encrypt files, we know the actions shouldn’t be allowed and stop the damage from executing.

Our Partner Program helps you:

  • Educate your sales force with technical resources
  • Identify verticals  to drive innovation and competitiveness
  • Help acquire new customers
  • Drive greater account penetration
  • Grow revenue and profit
  • Achieve high levels of satisfaction and ongoing strategic relationships with customers

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