Introducing the Human Security Officer – the Newest Addition to Your Security Team

By Ira Winkler, CISSP

There’s an insidious connotation to the term “insider threat”. It sounds like a spy novel villain who infiltrates a business or government agency under the guise of a faithful employee, steals sensitive data, and escapes unnoticed. But more often than not, the person responsible for a data breach is an innocent employee who, despite having completed security training, makes a serious mistake. It’s a significant risk that every organization faces, and it demands full-time attention. 

In this webinar, I will introduce you to the person who can take on that role: the Human Security Officer (HSO).

  • Introducing the Human Security Officer
  • Wednesday, February 19th
  • 11 AM PDT/2 PM EDT
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Verizon research finds that more than 90% of data breaches result from user failures. The security industry’s standard response has long been to recommend implementing employee awareness training programs, but that has proven to be largely ineffective. It’s inevitable that a user will open an email disguised as a note from the boss or an offer from a favorite store, and click on a link that launches the malware attack or a ransomware. 

And, if the plot line behind a breach does resemble a James Bond story, awareness training will do nothing to prevent the bad actor’s actions. 

During this webinar, I will explain why your organization should create the Human Security Officer position who is responsible for identifying any business processes that are susceptible to data breaches resulting from human fallibility or malicious intentions. The HSO is charged with  leading the effort to create and implement a mitigation plan that incorporates technology, sound governance and user education.

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