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By Geoff Williams – A new FTC report shows millennials are more likely to fall for fraud than older generations.

By Teresa Wingfield – Endpoint security is constantly changing with the malware landscape, but has had a lot of challenges keeping up with unknown threats.

By Ionut Arghire – An Iran-linked cyber-espionage group has been using new malware and data exfiltration techniques in recent attacks, security firm Nyotron has discovered.

By Tara Seals – OilRig APT attacks are back, using a significantly more advanced malware toolkit than has been seen in the wild to date.

By Aaron Tan – Nearly 70% of cyber security leaders in the APAC region believe a major attack affecting critical infrastructure across multiple countries will happen in the next two years, a survey reveals.

I recently spoke with Rene Kolga of Nyotron about ways that organizations can improve their information security policy. Rene, who’s been working in enterprise software for over 20 years, offered a number of insights into the value of taking a threat-agnostic approach to protecting information assets.

By Gregory Hale — Security provider Nyotron found an advanced malware campaign attempting to attack a company’s Middle Eastern critical infrastructure clients.

Operation Copperfield appears focused on data theft and reconnaissance, Nyotron says. Damaging attacks from second and third-tier nation-state threat actors – especially in the Middle East – could become more of a pressing issue for enterprises next year if a couple of recent incidents are any indication.