Who We Are

Our Story

Nir Gaist is a senior information security expert, ethical hacker and a gifted individual. He started programming at age 6 and began his studies at the Israeli Technion University at age 10. Nir holds significant cyber security experience after serving as a security consultant to some of the largest Israeli organizations, such as the Israeli Police, the Israeli parliament, and Microsoft’s Israeli branch. He has vast experience in penetrating networks for risk management purposes, as well as deep knowledge in security breaches and unknown threats. He has been awarded patents for the creation of a programming language used to map operating systems. He founded Nyotron in an early age, and today he is serving as the Chief Technology Officer and as a member of board of directors.


Our Mission

The Nyotron Mission is to Secure the World.


Our Values

Not only is our technology different from the rest, our employees are also different from the rest. We are a bit more serious, slightly more disruptive, sprinkled with a love of addressing danger, but always professional and with the highest integrity. Our values are not only who we are, but what we value in others and how we strive our company to be known.

In all that we are and all that we do, we strive for:


At Nyotron, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business and technology and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

Customer Focus

At Nyotron, we are committed to being proactive in making constant improvements – in products, services, and procedures – that are based upon customer feedback and satisfaction.


At Nyotron, we develop new markets, new technologies, new products, and new ways of thinking to deliver the best security solutions for our customers.


At Nyotron, success will be achieved through a commitment to teamwork. We will work together to meet our goals and, in the process, to help our customers meet their goals.


At Nyotron, we get it done.