The Sophos EOS Bell Tolls for Invincea – What Now for Its Users?

Sophos has officially halted all support, maintenance and updates for all of its Invincea products, including the browser isolation (container) designed to protect you from unknown malware. Don’t panic if your organization is an Invincea customer – your product license remains active until the end of its current term, albeit without any support or updates or fixes. 

Whether you’ve just realized you have a significant security hole to fill, or your license is active and still have to prepare, it’s important to realize that Sophos does not offer a comparable browser isolation product. There’s also no transition plan other than the sales pitch to migrate to its own Intercept X endpoint protection solution.

Fortunately, Nyotron has you covered. While our PARANOID solution is not a browser isolation technology, it delivers the “last line of defense” you’re about to lose… or you’ve already lost. 

In fact, our “Positive Security” approach offers multiple benefits over browser isolation, including:

To learn more about how Nyotron can provide you with more universal threat-agnostic and application agnostic protection from both known and unknown attacks, please follow this link to schedule a 1:1 demonstration