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Source: Microsoft Microsoft has long bundled its Windows Defender AV (recently renamed to Microsoft Defender AV) software for free with machines running the Windows OS. However, its ineffectiveness drove organizations to spend a significant portion of their security budget on alternatives.  While these software suites provide better protection than Windows Defender, they still were, and […]

Courtesy: Getty Images by Robert Zamani, Nyotron Exaggeration is a way of over-emphasizing something, either making it better or worse than it really is. Exaggeration can be used to communicate the importance of something, to create a lasting impression, or to evoke stronger feelings than otherwise. Marketing professionals love referring to the latest versions of their […]

It seems like all news reports on successful ransomware attacks quote security experts who provide the same two pieces of advice: stay up-to-date on all software patches, and implement modern endpoint protection tools (e.g., antivirus) to prevent malware-laden emails from getting through to users. This combination has provided organizations with somewhat adequate defense – until […]

By Ira Winkler, CISSP A week ago, I had the honor of speaking again at the (ISC)2 Security Congress in Orlando. The event was incredibly well run, and the keynote speakers were among the best (ISC)2 has had in its history, including Captain Sully Sullenberger and Admiral William H. McRaven, a former commander of the United […]

In a recent post, we examined the concept of modeling how security professionals analyze, prevent and mitigate cyber attacks after the military’s “Right of Boom” approach to thwarting attacks on the battlefield. There are three phases: pre-attack (aka Left of Boom), the attack (Boom), and post-attack (Right of Boom). The same can apply to “Cyber […]

Cyber attackers do not discriminate when selecting their targets. Credit card numbers, social security numbers and other forms of highly confidential information are just as valuable whether stolen from a retailer, a bank, hospital, restaurant, etc. To borrow a military term, the thieves look for a “target rich environment” – one with enormous volumes of […]

Those of us in the cybersecurity profession tend to think of software in terms of black and white. An application is either legitimate, or it’s malware. That’s certainly been our focus whenever we describe and demonstrate how our PARANOID solution’s map of the entire legitimate behavior of the operating system allows it to automatically identify […]

One of the greatest problems I see with the cybersecurity field is the reliance on individual tactics and tools without following a comprehensive threat detection, prevention and remediation strategy. We implement tools to mitigate at least some of the attack techniques the ATT&CK matrices identifies. However, just as a military deploys various assets like tanks, […]

There have been a variety of models used to define different attack methodologies. Perhaps the most common is Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain, that identifies the individual phases of malware attacks. Defining the phases enables you to better understand how to anticipate, prevent, detect, and respond. Lockheed derived the name from the military term “kill […]

Organizations worldwide are learning the hard way that ransomware is the cockroach of the cybersecurity threat landscape — sneaky, difficult to detect, and virtually impossible to kill.  ZDNet’s Danny Palmer (@dannyjpalmer) reports McAfee’s researchers found that ransomware attacks have more than doubled this year, including a Q1 increase of 118%.  “After a periodic decrease in […]

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