By Rene Kolga Black Hat has discovered a significant gap between the number of security professionals who expect they will have to respond to a major security breach, and those who actually feel prepared for that eventuality. Black Hat polled a group of 315 IT and security professionals for its annual Black Hat USA Attendee […]

By Rene Kolga NSS Labs recently evaluated 20 Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) solutions, and the results raise a big red flag over their inability to block unknown threats. NSS classifies an AEP product as one that employs techniques such as machine learning, pattern recognition or predictive algorithms to detect and block malware and to contain […]

By Teresa Wingfield You can’t stop all malware, but you can stop the damage it intends to cause. Stop by booth # 664 at Black Hat USA 2018 to learn how. Our security experts will be on hand to discuss a new and innovative approach to security that works seamlessly with antivirus and next-generation antivirus […]

By Rene Kolga A new and complex botnet dubbed MyloBot recently made headlines due to its sophisticated use of multiple evasion techniques to slip past traditional endpoint defenses. But it could not slip past Nyotron’s PARANOID. The researchers at Deep Instinct who discovered MyloBot report that it presents three different layers of evasion techniques. It […]

By Rene Kolga The Wi-Fi Alliance, a group of companies responsible for certifying devices that transmit data over Wi-Fi, has finalized a new protocol for securing Wi-Fi connections called WPA3. And as Laura Hautala at CNET writes, this news is long overdue considering “the last update was during the George W. Bush administration.” WPA3 replaces […]

By Teresa Wingfield A hacker apparently needed access to just one employee’s endpoint device at an Upstate New York healthcare organization in order to expose the protected health information (PHI) of more than 270,000 patients. Jessica Davis at HealthcareITNews posted an article Wednesday about the breach at Albany-based Med Associates, which provides claims services for […]

By Rene Koga Even with the myriad of messaging applications available to us across all of our devices, email remains the primary communication tool for most organizations. It also remains the preferred attack vector for cyber thieves trying to sneak past your perimeter defenses and install malware on your endpoints. Kacy Zurkus at Infosecurity reports […]

By Teresa Wingfield Are More Security Controls Really Making You More Secure? The average enterprise uses 75 security products just to secure their network. Organizations mistakenly believe that layered security controls help them achieve a defense-in-depth strategy that will keep their systems safe. They think that when an attack breaches one control, another one will […]

By Rene Kolga What is Application Whitelisting? One approach in combating viruses and malware is to whitelist software which is considered safe to run, blocking all others (source). This default deny or zero-trust approach has a number of benefits. The US Government, including the intelligence community, is a strong supporter of whitelisting. National Institute of […]

By Teresa Wingfield The recent Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit included many interesting presentations. One of the ones that stood out the most for me was Gartner Analyst Mario de Boer’s talk, “Beyond Detection: 5 Core Security Patterns to Prevent Highly Evasive Threats”.1 Mario defines a highly evasive attack as “an attack that uses, […]

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