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When Malware Strikes, Don’t Let It Damage Your Business

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You can’t always stop threats, but you can stop the damage they intend to cause using PARANOID’s game changing OS-Centric Positive Security.
PARANOID seamlessly complements your traditional or next-generation antivirus products for stronger endpoint protection.

What Are The BEST Next Steps?

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What are the Advantages
of Positive Security?

You can stop malicious activity, such as file deletion, data exfiltration and encryption without ML/AI.

What is the Average Life
of a Zero-Day Exploit?

A lot longer than you might think with serious implications for your endpoint security.

How Can You Make
Windows 10 More Secure?

Here’s a quick overview of how to improve your security posture.

What’s Next in
Endpoint Protection?

AV, EDR, NGAV… Read about the state of endpoint security.