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Month: February 2020

Source: By Ira Winkler, CISSP The long forgotten show CSI: Cyber deserves to be long forgotten – it was one of the worst shows on TV. It portrayed ridiculous scenarios where highly skilled criminals could turn computers into death traps. The plot of one of the absurd episodes (a very low bar) was that a […]

As you set your RSA schedule, you won’t have trouble blocking off time for work-related commitments. There will be keynotes and panel discussions to attend, vendors to visit, and meetings disguised as breakfast, lunch and dinner parties. The challenge will be finding time for yourself to take a breath and relax. We’ve got your covered […]

By Ira Winkler, CISSP There’s an insidious connotation to the term “insider threat”. It sounds like a spy novel villain who infiltrates a business or government agency under the guise of a faithful employee, steals sensitive data, and escapes unnoticed. But more often than not, the person responsible for a data breach is an innocent […]

Sophos has officially halted all support, maintenance and updates for all of its Invincea products, including the browser isolation (container) designed to protect you from unknown malware. Don’t panic if your organization is an Invincea customer – your product license remains active until the end of its current term, albeit without any support or updates […]

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