Month: July 2017

By Nyotron Security Research Team A new fileless ransomware named “SOREBRECT” has been discovered in the wild. It is categorized as a fileless ransomware. However, as we’ll dig into understanding what these terms actually mean, we’ll see that it isn’t quite true. First, a quick overview of the SOREBRECT and its actions: SOREBRECT starts off […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team Inception is another tool in the toolbox for the advanced hacker. This tool, however, allows you to gain incredible capabilities. Computers are made of various components. A motherboard is used to connect most of them to one another. There exist a few standards to transfer data between these components (component-communication). […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team Lazarus group (aka “Hidden Cobra”), a group that is believed to be backed by North Korea which were linked to several cyber attacks in recent years including the Sony pictures leaks back in 2014. “Ten Days of Rain,” a DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) attack against South Korea is linked yet to […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team It is no secret that Russia breached the Electoral Systems in order to manipulate the votes for the US presidency back in 2016, but it appears to be a lot wider spread than previously thought. A total of 39 states appears to be the victims of this attack with the […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team Leaving footprints on a victim’s machine is something most malware writers wish to avoid for various reasons such as making the victim aware of the malicious activities, making it harder for security researchers to analyze the attack and bypassing AV Software. The most obvious footprint is placing the executable on […]

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