15-Minute Endpoint
Vulnerability Challenge

Give Us 15 Minutes to Show How Your Security Technologies Have Left You Vulnerable to Ransomware – If We Are Wrong, We Will PAY Your Bill For 15 Weeks!!!

The recent WannaCry ransomware cyberattack wreaked havoc with over 230,000 computers in 99 countries. The ransomware caught many organizations by surprise as they thought their security technologies would protect them.

Are you protected from ransomware?
Nyotron can determine your endpoint vulnerability against ransomware in 15 minutes or less. If your security beats our assessment, we will pay your solution for the next 15 weeks.

Who Needs the 15-Minute Endpoint Vulnerability Challenge?
Protecting your organization’s critical data is of top importance to security professionals. Vendors make a lot of promises to protect you, but data breaches still happen every day. Take 15 minutes to see how your endpoint security acts against ransomware.

How Do Take the Challenge?

  1. Register for the 15-Minutes Challenge at www.nyotron.com/15-Minute-Challenge
  2. Be among the first 500 organizations to schedule your 15-minute challenge to qualify
  3. Choose any endpoint in your network that you feel is updated and protected to take the challenge
  4. Nyotron will run our ransomware assessment program
  5. Get your result instantly! If your endpoint is secure, we will pay your bill for the next 15 weeks. If your endpoint is not, we will give you PARANOID for 15 weeks for FREE